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Communicate Directly With “Your” Writer

Our service employs no such post as a key account manager. First of all, this is because all our customers are key customers. And second, it’s because all our writers are managing their own accounts.

Tailored content that truly fits the needs of your business isn’t very likely to improve through excess communication. On the contrary, the more times your requirements, wishes and feedback are passed along, the higher the probability of something going seriously wrong.

Simply put, we don’t believe either you or us would benefit from having salesmen act as proxies for conveying your wishes to our writers.

Upwork, Fiverr, Elance, and similar quick-fix sites may be cheap in terms of money. Yet they’re everything but in terms of time spent searching for someone with the right attitude to write the right content copy for you.

Get your tailored content written by dependable people. Explain everything just once. Avoid repetitive questions and wasted time that could have been better spent elsewhere!

Single Point of Contact for All the Content You Require

Most of us here have specialized in technology-related topics, especially all things related to the cloud. However, we’re no strangers to writing web copy, press releases or other tailored content on subjects as diverse as organic farming and plastic surgery. And in the rare cases when our combined knowledge fails to cover your needs, our established network of partner content providers is sure to pick up the slack.

In most cases, our customers are afforded a direct line of communication with our writers. However, should you require content on several wildly different topics, it might make more sense for you to communicate with a single person.

We are well aware that your time is too valuable to waste on coordinating multiple writers. Focus on your core business and we will take care of the rest.

Free SEO

In conjunction with regular new posts, SEO is at the very crux of securing good rankings with Google and other search engines. If your content is to bring monetary or any other kind of value to its publisher, it should be SEO optimized.

This is certainly the case with all our texts, and at no extra cost. All you need to do is provide us with the list of keywords. Not having one is hardly a problem. After talking to you about your business and its key objectives, we will prepare one for you, one that you will be able to use with other web projects and content in the future.

  • Articles

    With well over 200 IT-related articles that have appeared in printed and online media throughout Europe, from Portugal to Slovenia and from the UK to Serbia, the quality of your content is assured.

  • Press Releases

    Get your press releases written by people who provided PR services to local subsidiaries of Fortune 500 companies and IT giants such as Intel, Microsoft, Canon, Kyocera, and IDC.

  • Website Copy

    Your page copy must be fluent in the customer’s language, not your company’s. Tell us about your business, and we’ll do our best to tell you how to achieve this objective for your specific audience.

  • Case Studies

    Case studies shouldn’t be treated as an opportunity to brag about your achievements, but rather as a way of furnishing your potential clients with clearcut and easy-to-implement ideas on solving their specific business problems

  • Presentations

    The key to making a presentation truly exceptional is fusing memorable content with unmistakable character. You can’t fail with writers who are themselves exceptional presenters, remembered by IT audiences locally and internationally.

  • Reports

    Written by industry experts with extensive experience with several international IT market research and intelligence powerhouses, our research reports are in line with the highest standards.

  • Thought Leadership

    The very difference between content marketing and thought leadership is where the latter begins’: content marketing starts with the marketing department, TL starts at the top. We promise we’re more than good enough to take you exactly where you want to go.

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