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Survey Design and Delivery

Choose between predefined User Evaluator online survey templates already tailored to the needs of companies from any key vertical, or let us help you design your own online survey.

Measuring a userSurvey your user and fit your product to suit his needs.

Mitigate the risks of third party access to your user database by furnishing your users with the link to your user database yourself. Both the survey and all accompanying content are included in the User Evaluator package, making the sending of the link the only thing you need to do if using a template version.

If anyone knows what you wish to know about your users, it has to be you. But knowing how to ask involves highly specialized skill and experience, all the more so when dealing with a specialized subject such as online services.

Our existing collection of User Evaluator templates includes an array of fairly generic surveys to fit the needs of 80% of businesses, yours probably included. Be sure to contact us for a free consultation so we can work together to find your perfect fit.

Benchmarks and Actionable Insights

Every company needs to keep close track on how it squares up to the competition. We’ve been in the business long enough to have amassed an enviable collection of survey data on other online service providers, such as retail stores , SaaS, online services supporting brick and mortar stores… This enables us to help our customers benchmark themselves and their user relations against real competition.

Using the User Evaluator report enables you to compare every aspect of your relationship with your users to the aggregate score of your competitors – section by section, question by question.

Knowing how your competition performs in any given segment of customer relations can help you identify key problem areas and fine-tune your list of priorities, empowering you to implement the high impact changes requiring low investment first and vice versa. Even a low investment can make a huge difference in the eyes of your customers if deployed in an area where you can be certain it can make the biggest splash.

Completely Customizable

Any user survey should be tailored to the specifics of both your business and your users.

You can choose your level of involvement by opting for either generic reports defined for each major vertical or carefully specifying your needs and wishes by defining and including additional survey questions and features.

Both approaches have their advantages. The first option helps you benchmark your users’ responses, question by question, against the aggregate score of your competitors. The latter option enables you to get answers to specific questions you want answered.

Satisfaction guaranteed

To help you mitigate the risk of choosing an under-performing vendor and having to pay for low quality deliverable, User Evaluator comes with a satisfaction guarantee that extends beyond mere words.

Indeed, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will refund the whole purchase amount except for the third party cost incurred and let you keep the deliverable for free.

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