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Your Potential Customer’s Perspective

Three users thinking alike. Or are they? Find out using Service Evaluator.Find out how and what do different types of users think about your service

Service Evaluator helps you simulate the forming of your users’ perception of various online services, fostering insight into potential or existing buyer personas’ behavior.

Have your online service tested by several types of users whose IT knowledge spans from below-par to various profiles of experts. The latter can also include industry analysts and consultants.

Your service will be tested for buyer personas and stakeholders most relevant to its success. This will help you develop a successful sales pitch for each buyer persona defined throughout the process.

List of Buyer Personas

The entire experience is hassle-free. With an Excel file containing the distinguishing features of your potential buyers and their notes regarding your service, you will easily define your product’s target audience and the optimal sales approach. In this manner, you will be increasing your product’s appeal to potential users by discerning their preferences before they even visit your site, while also effortlessly building perfect copy to attract them right away.

Actionable Insights

Packed with recommendations, Service Evaluator report is the kind of deliverable which empowers any sales team to seamlessly develop and/or refine a sales pitch tailored to each and all buyer personas.

The report is sure to prove a significant asset in reducing the amount of time and man-hours required to define and develop your sales approach as it will enable you to identify both the strengths and the shortcomings of your service in the eyes of your potential customers.

Adapted to Your Business

Any sales approach used to attract potential buyer personas should be tailored both to your overall business strategy and your specific service in particular.

Get exactly what you need by specifying any number of additional potential buyer personas, increasing the number of representative users for each buyer persona. One of the Service Evaluator’s main selling points is its adeptness at replacing generic profiles to accommodate for any and all specifics.

Eliminate the need of having to fight for the value you paid for. Big consultancies are in it for the big money, so for them, less money means less attention. The Service Evaluator process and deliverable are adapted to your product and your business by default.

Satisfaction guaranteed

To help you mitigate the risk of choosing an under-performing vendor and having to pay for low quality deliverable, Service Evaluator comes with a satisfaction guarantee that extends beyond mere words.

Indeed, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will refund the whole purchase amount and let you keep the deliverable for free.

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