Competition Evaluator

Custom Data Points

uring a userDo you really know your competition?

Any attempt at defining and getting to truly know your competition should be tailored both to your business in general and to your service in particular. Get exactly what you need by defining and including additional data points describing your competitor’s business, increasing or decreasing their number, and replacing generic data points if you don’t need them.

Eliminate the need of having to fight for the value you’ve paid for. Big consultancies are in it for the big money, so for them, less money means less attention. With Competition Evaluator, both the process and deliverable are adapted to your business by default.

Comparative Matrix

The matrix is an integral part of the Competition Evaluator package as it provides a simple, easy-to-grasp overview of your competitors and your position relative to theirs.

With the matrix’s help, you will be able to quickly identify the weak and strong points of your competitors as well as make the necessary adjustments to your service, its delivery, or any other included data point on that basis.

Along with its inherent value as a strategical tool, the matrix holds the key to hugely reduce the amount of research you have to put into every internal meeting or presentation.

Analytical Report

Competition Evaluator report contains insight from market(ing) research experts well-versed in pinpointing and evaluating your competitive advantages, unique selling propositions and those segments of your market that each of the specified competitors is trying to address.

In general, the fact that you’re a stakeholder tends to limit your ability to judge your competitor’s service and/or business objectively. Since our experts have no vested interest in the matter, they are guaranteed to provide you with a report based on facts and findings, not their perception of what you want to hear.

Satisfaction guaranteed

To help mitigate the risk of choosing an under-performing vendor and having to pay for a low quality deliverable, Competition Evaluator comes with a satisfaction guarantee that extends beyond mere words.

Indeed, if you’re not satisfied with the quality of our work, we will refund the whole purchase amount and let you keep the deliverable for free.

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