• about_usPhraseLab is not a company. It is a team of independent experts who are not actually working for the same company full-time. We’re not working in the same office, either. We’re driven by various motives and we differ in capabilities and levels of availability.

    Some of us engage in Evaluator projects full time, some only to supplement their incomes. Some of us have certificates, MBA degrees and extensive experience, some don’t.

    What we do have in common besides our core values of know-how, die-hard professionalism and sincerity, is our sales and marketing department.

  • In general, our analysts and researchers work on Evaluator projects, while our writers and journalists generate first-rate content, usually – though not necessarily – based on Evaluator findings.

    Although we mostly deal in numbers and words, we’re also on the best possible terms with a team of designers, programmers, and all-purpose technology freaks.

    Most importantly, our work is our hobby. This is why we’re available both during office hours and in our spare time. Which means we can deliver outstanding quality even when the deadlines are tight.

    But writing, alas, is by definition a one-way communication, so we encourage you to get in touch so we can get the ball rolling!

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